Monday, May 3, 2010

Returning to Life

     My daughter Lauren is here and has reminded me that I have not blogged since November 14th -- sad but true.  I find it ironic that my last post was about the sun, or lack thereof.  I'm thinking that maybe I'm just like a bear and I go into hybernation in the winter.
     As most of you know I need sunshine. It's not like, "oh, I love the sunshine".  It's more like I CRAVE the rays of the sun.  The warmth of the sun literally transforms me and takes me to a place of peace, I just need sunshine.
     I tried taking vitamin D this winter and I will continue as I think it has helped me.  I just don't want to be on medication.  While in the midst of it all this winter, I thought I was doing okay.  Now that I am resurfacing I realize that I really had a hard time.  Of course, being sick nearly the whole month of March didn't help.
      I have kept thinking, "oh yeah, I need to update my blog" but then, it just seemed like so much effort.  And I'll admit, FACEBOOK is so much easier.  But the two are so different!
Here's one of my favorite pictures of our little man Ryan.   He is almost 1 year old and his mom Lauren will be 23 this year.  Time seems to have just flown by now that I look back.  It seems like it was not too long ago that she was the one grabbing at my legs, wiping drool on my pant leg and snuggling up with a blanket.   My, my, my.    Here's my little sweet pea when she was the same age as her little guy.
Isn't she cute?
And here's our little man.  We love him.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where is the sun?

As you may have noticed (not sure if anyone even reads this blog) -- it's been while since I have posted.  I have been much to busy on facebook.  I just cant' shake it. 

I have SERIOUSLY been missing the sun around here!   I thought it was gone forever until I went onto my iggogle page and saw my various cities I want to see the weather in!  Looks like I am living in the WRONG place.  Yes, Provo and Rexburg are a bit colder but there is SUN!  Big round shiny sunshine. 

I guess I'd just rather have the humidity in the form of snow than rain!
The funny thing is, last week Woodinville looked just like it does this week.....they could leave those dark rainy pictures on for WEEKS!

But, on those occassional winter days when the sun pops out -- I could just sit by the window all day long!

The sunshine is just such a big deal for me - emotionally.  I bought some "happy lites" at costco to see if the exposure would lift my spirits a bit and make me a bit more motivated.  The only problem is, is that they sit at my desk  - no where else to put them - and I detest sitting at my desk.  I'm a couch/laptop girl!  I need one of these special lights that just hangs over the couch:).

I really need to retire to a sunny place - that is for sure.  Or, just travel a lot in the winter - maybe that is the solution.  Because WHEN it's sunny and warm here (August 20-Sept 20) there is not another more beautiful place to be.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A BEAUTIFUL Day with a Beautiful ending.......

As always, this day started at 5am -- "O-dark thirty" as I like to say. Got the girls up for seminary (starts at 5:50am) and began the preparation for Leah's Cross Country team Pasta dinner to start at 6pm. Got the Meat sauce in the crock pot, cooked the pasta, got everything laid out because.....................

I DID the Puyallup today! For our friends outside of Washington - this is the Puyallup Fair. It's pronounced "pew-AL-up". It was an amazing 85* day here! My best neighbor buddy Dawn and I make the 1 hour trek (okay it's really longer than an hour but she made it much faster than that) to the fair today. Dawn is my kindred spirit when it comes to food. She does the fair every year and had the food schedule all mapped out.

  • We started with the famous Scones -- she had to have her coffee and scones and she even brought me an herbal tea bag so I wouldn't feel left out....... aaawww, what a sweetie.
  • 2 hours later, we hit Pete's BBQ for ribs, corn on the cob and a soda. We shared the meal because there was MORE fair food to consume of course.
  • our early mid afternoon snack was those beer batter onion rings..........good and greasy. YUM.
  • Upon our leaving, we had to grab an ice cream bar, dipped in chocolate and nuts. We didn't share those :).

Oh, the fair? It was fun to people watch of course. This year we were so intent on finding the next morsel of food that we didn't focus too much on the bizarreness of people who come to the fair (ourselves not include). Although we do wonder how many people REALLY buy a hot tub at the fair -- SO many hot tub booths! We did see a pregnant lady smoking, a cowgirl in cut off jeans and a group of what looked to be possibly a Christian group of homeschoolers. Dawn figured that because the beef cattle weren't being show today, that was why there weren't as many people. I have never come to the fair to see the cattle:).

We enjoyed all the quilts and needlework, all the funny booths of "cheap bling", the Dahlia Hall, the bunnies and piglets, some of those crazy vendors booths with everything from tools to make up and ...........did I mention we had some food? ha ha hah

This is what I felt like today while eating! This will be me tonight. These little piglets were just days old and so darn cute. The momma pig? Another story. Old and tired looking, very "saggy" and well, just plum tuckered out!

Here are some picture of the Dahlia Hall -- Wow!

So, we left the Fair so I had enough time to come home and feed those little Cross County Runners their high carb loading meal of pasta before their Meet tomorrow. Low, and behold! While they were eating outside, a hot air balloon flew over and VERY low -- having them fly over is an almost nightly event here but not this low! We actually were talking to them and they wanted to join us for dinner! ha ha. What a great day!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penny goes to Vegas!

Yes, it's true. I spent the last 4 days in Vegas, without Devon.
It was our Annual Heritage Makers Reunion! What an amazing time I had with 400 other women who are driven and passionate about preserving family heritage. We spent 99% of our time inside the Flamingo hotel but we didn't even notice because we had so much fun, learned so much, were uplifted and edified. Wow, I am so lucky to be doing something I love so much. I can hardly wait to introduce the new products and services I have to offer now!
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I am in the middle and Nancy and Cynthia (2 of my consultants from Idaho) are on either side of me. No, we did not look like this all weekend, just the opening night for our theme "Let's get Loud". The group picture was my team and Kym's team who attended.
It was so fun to go up to someone from our home office (who I knew) and start talking with them. It would take them a few looks and minutes to figure out who I was - ha ha ha hah.
Wow, this little company isn't so little anymore! I just can't believe where we are going. New products, new tools, new features! I LOVE WHAT I DO!
I wish I could have had more time to explore a little bit - outside of the Vegas strip -- yuck. I will NEVER take my family to Vegas (the strip) -- oh so trashy. But I hear that outside of the strip there is so much to do and so much to see. Maybe someday.....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mi Tierra doesn't really look anything like this -- they did a great job on their website. This use to be called Las Margaritas and when the kids were little - we ate here a lot. Maybe this is why the kids don't like Mexican Food anymore? he he he he. We have many fond family memories of Las Margaritas -- from Lauren breaking out in tears when they sang to her on her 3rd birthday, to Leah and all her little gym buddies eating together, Tanner and his "cheeseburger" (think SNL) and Hannah - - well, we won't go there - she knows the story!
Lauren's 3rd birthday - poor girl! Hannah also cried on one of her birthdays when we celebrated at Cucina Cucina where the waiters sang in Italian! Oh, we are mean.
So upon my return to Woodinville I have to of course, catch up on the excellent grub at this place - even though it's Mi Tierra now, it's the same menu, same wait staff, same incredibly yummy pico de gallo! Thank goodness my buddy Dawn who is also my neighbor likes to meet up with me there frequently!
So, with all that in place I of course had to initiate my little grandboy Ry-guy to this place of Hughes Tradition. He had a marvelous time napping in his stroller ( we ate outside of course) and Lauren and I had a great time -- she still likes Mexican food, thank goodness. I"m just sad I didn't grab someone to take our group photo!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods

I've had many request for a visual update on our new residence. This is actually a home that Devon built for a family about 10 years ago - right next door to our home that burned down in 2000 ( we had moved out 2 weeks earlier). It's nice to be back in the old neighborhood - so serene and quiet. This home had been vacant for a year while for sale (darn economy) but the owners quickly agreed to rent it to us for a while and try to sell again next summer. We have a little under 2 acres -- yes the John Deere has been at work! The yard is is pretty bad shape between just being vacant and the nasty winter here last season. But alas, the rains will come and the green will appear!
We've been lucky so far -- only a couple of days of rain this month - highly unusual for Seattle. Several grey days but not too bad. And when the sun comes out -- wow, it's gorgeous.

Our kids would have LOVED this yard when they were young! A play set and a playhouse, plus a big storage shed for all of Devon's construction tools/machinery and a few of his toys.
Around here we call it "The Whitehouse" it was always the white house next door to us when we lived here years ago. The interior is just about as white as the exterior -white walls, trim, doors, cabinets, tile, carpet - even white lighting fixtures. I'd love to put some color on these stark walls and liven it up a little. I am definately putting up ALL of my pictures!

My favorite baldy!

Here's some of the latest shot of "the little bald man" around the house. Ryan is 3 months now and Lauren has been up twice in the past month for a visit or two. My parents were here for a few days and got to spend some time with him. Here's Nanny rocking him in the rocker.

I had to snap this slumbering shot as he has not been doing much of that these days! He got a kick out of Poppa - these two guys like each other - maybe it's there "bald connection". Okay my dad's not bald but it sure is thin these days! Devon had fun to with Ryan - they have really taken to each other -- oh if only you could hear Devon's "baby voice".....very cute.

The little guy has been pretty miserable, making his mommy and daddy miserable as well. I urged Lauren to be persistent with finding out what was wrong - why he cries so much and sleeps so little. The latest diagnosis and one that seems to fit is GERD . Basically, it's intense heart burn. Poor guy. He had his first dose of the special antacid and slept for nearly 12 hours that night. Lauren was one happy momma!
I think this is what Lauren may have had as a baby - the apple does not fall far from the tree. Too bad no one would diagnose her with that -- she had a miserable babyhood (and so did we some nights....). If only we'd known - poor girl!