Thursday, May 29, 2008

I guess it's time I start actually posting to my blog, instead of just playing with backgrounds and creating different blogs -- ones I have never used! I'm just a techy-junkie I guess.

Today was the last day of school - I can hardly believe this school year is over. Hannah and Leah are off playing and celebrating, Devon is in Seattle and I'm home alone. I have a ton of things I should be doing but, instead I am procrastinating and doing this instead.

Life is interesting. When my kids were young I was so overwhelmed with life and longed for the day that everyone was a bit more indepenedent. Well, now they are and I wish I had savored the good times a bit more and of course, taken MORE pictures and journaled them.

I have loved my business with Heritage Makers. I have loved a business that inspires me to record my memories and stories, putting them in beautiful books ( that's my website. Drop by!

Devon travels regularly to Seattle to keep business rolling there. We seem to get along pretty good - the girls and I. I think the hard part is for Devon as he is divided between two worlds. He wants to come home from work and hang with the family and that's just not possible right now. The yard is calling him this summer and the landscapers will just have to fill in. Tanner will be coming up from Provo for a week or so to help me get some of the initial work done so when the crew arrives, it's ready.

Am I really 45 this year? Where does the time go? My body feels older, my skin looks older and yet my mind is still pretty young -- except for the forgetting part! hahahahahahaha

Life is good. I am grateful. I am blessed.