Saturday, June 7, 2008

Hannah is 14!

Hannah turned 14 on the 4th so she got to choose her activity for her special day. Of course, being 14, she chose to go Utah. No problem I thought. My first shocker was filling up the suburban..............when then young man pumping my gas (still get that at Rays' Chevron if you're female!) asked me if I wanted him to close out and start again. "What" I thought. What did he mean? Then I had an "ah ha" moment. That darn pump had hit the magical $100 mark and shut off. But starting it again meant my tank was.........not full? Oh brother! I peeked out the windshield to see that mighty $4.02 gal and about died? When did this happen? Is is too late to get on the shuttle to SLC? Needless to say, it was almost full so I didn't have him pump more! But I did have to refuel in Utah................

We got such a late start that I knew we'd have to hotel it ....RATS! Then, meals out and more gas and driving around, then the clothing and accessory expenditures........ugh. Well, next year she gets a trip to K-Mart on her bike!

All in all we had a nice time. Did I mention that our little Toyota Scion is now the car I drive? hahahahahaha. And you can bet I have a list with me to get everything done in one trip.

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