Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Living in my Own Private Idaho

For those of you who are familiar with The B-52's, this song is true. It really is it's own little world over here!

I'm about DONE with Idaho! We are just having terrible weather and summer just won't come. I bought annuals for all my pots last week and today, I couldn't stand it anymore and I put on my fleece jacket, ear warmers and braved the wind/clouds/sprinkles. Will they grow? I don't know.......we have not had sun in over a week now. This is typical for Seattle but not here.

More on Idaho............. Todays news cast was very revealing about where I live these days.
  • The newscaster was excited about "the moisture" we are getting. She was not going to have to "irrigate" this weekend! Irrigate? Does she live on a farm? Now, you must know, the word moisture is used regularly around here...It's not rain or snow, it's moisture. Basically they'll take what they can get.
  • Our Govenor was just shown on a news brief and he actually said "Pocatella".....It's Pocatello (with an "O")
  • A story on a soldier returning home from his second tour in Iraq (should we be calling it a tour? it just doens't sound right). His family suprised him with a new drift boat. Apparently this boat is for fly fishing. News to me for sure. The funny part was, during the interview it was revealed that it was not a suprise and he knew about it the whole time that his wife was ordering it. Why did they even air this ridiculous story!

At least our news sets here don't look like a Idaho-ized "Waynes World" set anymore. I could barely stand to watch the news when we got here but between me being desensitized and the stations stepping it up a bit - I can watch nearly every day now!

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  1. I recall the top story on the news one night in Idaho. A lady in Pokey submitted a story to Parade magazine and it was published. After the 3 minute story (complete with interviews) the news moved to the National news (busy day in Idaho, eh?).

    Oh and commercials in Eastern Idaho are top-notch (I always stop at train crossings).