Friday, July 31, 2009

We had HOT movers!

Now that I have your attention -- read on, seriously - do you think I am that shallow?

On Wednesday we left Rexburg to return back to Woodinville, WA. I never would have believed that we'd be moving back "home". After 5 years in Rexburg however, I feel I can call it home as well. Many life long friendships were developed over that very short time. Coming back to the same neighborhood is a little odd and yet comforting. Don't get me wrong -- we love it here but it's like we've been in a time warp for 5 years.

We have had record heat here in Washington -- 105 degrees to be exact. Did I mention that we don't have air conditioning? It was a little over 100 on the actual day we moved into the house. I felt so terrible for the movers -- they sweated on just about every box/item they carried into the house - which was a balmy 8 degrees with 50% humidity. So, yes they were HOT!

We are settling in a bit -- okay - not really. I have boxes everywhere!

I'll post more later!!!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strange feet.................

Well, for a few years now Leah has been battling some funny looking feet. We didn't think anything of it (we have weird feet with LONG toes so). Notice the width on the outer sides and the little bunions? Well -- it's all for a reason far greater than just being a Hughes! Poor girl.

After seeing our wonderful friend Eric who happens to be a Podiatrist, we learned that she does not walk correctly - not her fault. To spare you all the details of how a foot actually function (it's totallly amazing) I'll just say that after a year of Leah running Cross Country they really jsut blew out. So, she had to have surgery to correct the spreading of her bones and remove the bunions.

This is what her feet looked like for the first 2 weeks (that we just ended). She has incisions on both sides of her feet where they went in, scraped the bunions, removed some bone and then added some screws to do some repositiong. Now to keep it all in place she had some orthotics made that she must wear until she dies! This will correct how her foot is landing. Here are her beautiful sandals that she wears for 6 weeks to protect her incisions.

At her one week post op appointment, we got to see the incisions -- WOW! And they took an x-ray to make sure all was well. LOOKING GOOD!

This is the pre sugery shot. This is the post surgery shot.
Pretty amazing, huh? Look at how crooked her feet were before the procedure -- I am in awe of how incredible these x-rays are! All they did was put a couple of screws in each side -- you can see them in the x-ray.

Week one was some major laying around for her -- not her style. And oh yes, the Frankenstein walk. Week 2 was a little better. At her 2 week appointment, they changed the bandages and reduced the thickness of them - much more comfortable. But she still has to wear her funky sandals for 4 more weeks.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celebrating 50 years of love

On June 20th we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary in Salt Lake City. We had a beautiful room at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, complete with a wonderful dinner. Nearly 85 of us were together to celebrate and share memories of my parents - an evening we will never forget.

Here is the whole clan (minus one grand daughter and great grand daughter - Lindsey and Lucy).

Then there is my little family - and of course, the debut of the little man - Ryan Douglas Alberts who was one month old. From left to right:
Bradley Alberts, Devon, Tanner
Hannah, LaurenAlberts, Baby Ryan, Me, Leah.

It was a whirlwind weekend in Utah and we had RAIN! There we were - on the beautiful Temple grounds of SLC and we could not even go out for pictures! Luckily the inside of the JSMB is stunning. Check out my Leaves of Legacy Blog to see some of the things I had on display for night.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blogs are.... where it SHOULD BE! But Facebook is fun!

So, I had my Penny's Prose blog -- thinking this was such a clever name -- Prose being writings. But every time I see it, it just doesn't set right with me -- and it sounds like Pro's. Not cool. So, as we prepare to leave Rexburg, I wanted to have a blog for our friends in The Burg to follow us on - as well as all our friends.

Not that our life is so exciting that you can't wait to read the next post! This is more of a way for me to journal our lives so I can make our family yearbook at the end of each year.

Once I started facebook in January I pretty much stopped blogging. Caryn was disappointed that I had done this -- she even left me a comment on a post of mine - the LAST post I did. funny. She was saying that she thought blogging was so much better than facebook -- which I have discovered is TRUE. Thanks Caryn! Facebook is fun but just a little too fun with not much depth.

As you can see, my last post was in FEBRUARY on my blog I have imported it here. If you want to continue to follow that blog, please do. However, it will be more of my personal place versus the happenings of my family.

And so I return - to blogging. A much more personal way to share my life.