Saturday, July 18, 2009

Strange feet.................

Well, for a few years now Leah has been battling some funny looking feet. We didn't think anything of it (we have weird feet with LONG toes so). Notice the width on the outer sides and the little bunions? Well -- it's all for a reason far greater than just being a Hughes! Poor girl.

After seeing our wonderful friend Eric who happens to be a Podiatrist, we learned that she does not walk correctly - not her fault. To spare you all the details of how a foot actually function (it's totallly amazing) I'll just say that after a year of Leah running Cross Country they really jsut blew out. So, she had to have surgery to correct the spreading of her bones and remove the bunions.

This is what her feet looked like for the first 2 weeks (that we just ended). She has incisions on both sides of her feet where they went in, scraped the bunions, removed some bone and then added some screws to do some repositiong. Now to keep it all in place she had some orthotics made that she must wear until she dies! This will correct how her foot is landing. Here are her beautiful sandals that she wears for 6 weeks to protect her incisions.

At her one week post op appointment, we got to see the incisions -- WOW! And they took an x-ray to make sure all was well. LOOKING GOOD!

This is the pre sugery shot. This is the post surgery shot.
Pretty amazing, huh? Look at how crooked her feet were before the procedure -- I am in awe of how incredible these x-rays are! All they did was put a couple of screws in each side -- you can see them in the x-ray.

Week one was some major laying around for her -- not her style. And oh yes, the Frankenstein walk. Week 2 was a little better. At her 2 week appointment, they changed the bandages and reduced the thickness of them - much more comfortable. But she still has to wear her funky sandals for 4 more weeks.

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  1. Wow! Those x-rays are amazing! Bunions run in our family too, I hate them! Because of them, plus already having wide feet, wearing high heels is usually not an option! :(

    Hope she heals very soon! Glad she has such a good mommy to take care of her! :)