Friday, July 31, 2009

We had HOT movers!

Now that I have your attention -- read on, seriously - do you think I am that shallow?

On Wednesday we left Rexburg to return back to Woodinville, WA. I never would have believed that we'd be moving back "home". After 5 years in Rexburg however, I feel I can call it home as well. Many life long friendships were developed over that very short time. Coming back to the same neighborhood is a little odd and yet comforting. Don't get me wrong -- we love it here but it's like we've been in a time warp for 5 years.

We have had record heat here in Washington -- 105 degrees to be exact. Did I mention that we don't have air conditioning? It was a little over 100 on the actual day we moved into the house. I felt so terrible for the movers -- they sweated on just about every box/item they carried into the house - which was a balmy 8 degrees with 50% humidity. So, yes they were HOT!

We are settling in a bit -- okay - not really. I have boxes everywhere!

I'll post more later!!!!!

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