Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little House in the Big Woods

I've had many request for a visual update on our new residence. This is actually a home that Devon built for a family about 10 years ago - right next door to our home that burned down in 2000 ( we had moved out 2 weeks earlier). It's nice to be back in the old neighborhood - so serene and quiet. This home had been vacant for a year while for sale (darn economy) but the owners quickly agreed to rent it to us for a while and try to sell again next summer. We have a little under 2 acres -- yes the John Deere has been at work! The yard is is pretty bad shape between just being vacant and the nasty winter here last season. But alas, the rains will come and the green will appear!
We've been lucky so far -- only a couple of days of rain this month - highly unusual for Seattle. Several grey days but not too bad. And when the sun comes out -- wow, it's gorgeous.

Our kids would have LOVED this yard when they were young! A play set and a playhouse, plus a big storage shed for all of Devon's construction tools/machinery and a few of his toys.
Around here we call it "The Whitehouse" it was always the white house next door to us when we lived here years ago. The interior is just about as white as the exterior -white walls, trim, doors, cabinets, tile, carpet - even white lighting fixtures. I'd love to put some color on these stark walls and liven it up a little. I am definately putting up ALL of my pictures!

My favorite baldy!

Here's some of the latest shot of "the little bald man" around the house. Ryan is 3 months now and Lauren has been up twice in the past month for a visit or two. My parents were here for a few days and got to spend some time with him. Here's Nanny rocking him in the rocker.

I had to snap this slumbering shot as he has not been doing much of that these days! He got a kick out of Poppa - these two guys like each other - maybe it's there "bald connection". Okay my dad's not bald but it sure is thin these days! Devon had fun to with Ryan - they have really taken to each other -- oh if only you could hear Devon's "baby voice".....very cute.

The little guy has been pretty miserable, making his mommy and daddy miserable as well. I urged Lauren to be persistent with finding out what was wrong - why he cries so much and sleeps so little. The latest diagnosis and one that seems to fit is GERD . Basically, it's intense heart burn. Poor guy. He had his first dose of the special antacid and slept for nearly 12 hours that night. Lauren was one happy momma!
I think this is what Lauren may have had as a baby - the apple does not fall far from the tree. Too bad no one would diagnose her with that -- she had a miserable babyhood (and so did we some nights....). If only we'd known - poor girl!

Blue Angels and Sore Bums!

Our first weekend back in Washington our great neighbors Brian and Dawn drug us out to watch the Blue Angels for their annual show out over Lake Washington for Sea Fair. We drove down to the park and ride and then hopped on bikes for a few miles out to the 520 bridge (which had been shut down for the show) where we watched the air show. It was as incredible as always.
We have watched this show before but it had been a few years and never had been on the bridge.

I had not been on a bike, since I started driving a car, so that is a long time. I thought I was going to die! Brian and Dawn are avid bikers so they were just cruising along while Hannah and I were having cardiac arrests! We had a great time and after burning all those calories (did I mention it was in the 90's that day?) we went to Costco for a big 'ol hot dog/soda drink for a buck fifty -- that's the life! Hannah was the only kid that came with us -- she was a real trooper considering she had been having some chest pains (pleurisy - they thought). It was a good thing she had to stop and rest -- if she didn't, I would have died for sure. My bum was pretty sore the next day from the riding. I guess I need to get in shape! ha ha
We love the Blue Angels and the thunderous roar that fills your body as the pass over you -- such a rush! They always leave me in awe as their precision flying is utterly amazing! What a great day it was!

The Truck Parade

I promise I'll get a bit better at updating this most boring blog! Here's the picture of our moving truck parade the morning we left Rexburg. Oh, the suburban is behind the last truck. Devon and I drove the larger Budget trucks, Tanner the Uhaul and Leah and Hannah in the 'burban. What a sight we were! Leah had to leave the pack early in the day instead of following as this was just too embarrassing for her to be a part of.
I'm going to update today, so WATCH OUT!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Poppa's birthday

I'm a little behind on my posting -- my father celebrated his 74th birthday mid-July with their wonderful friends/neighbors. It was a nice summer evening and Poppa grilled juicy steaks for everyone. It was nice to spend some time getting to know their friends that we hear so much about but don't see much as they are always running around the state together!
Leah and Hannah joined us for dinner and of course, chocolate cake!
Happy birthday Poppa!