Sunday, August 30, 2009

Blue Angels and Sore Bums!

Our first weekend back in Washington our great neighbors Brian and Dawn drug us out to watch the Blue Angels for their annual show out over Lake Washington for Sea Fair. We drove down to the park and ride and then hopped on bikes for a few miles out to the 520 bridge (which had been shut down for the show) where we watched the air show. It was as incredible as always.
We have watched this show before but it had been a few years and never had been on the bridge.

I had not been on a bike, since I started driving a car, so that is a long time. I thought I was going to die! Brian and Dawn are avid bikers so they were just cruising along while Hannah and I were having cardiac arrests! We had a great time and after burning all those calories (did I mention it was in the 90's that day?) we went to Costco for a big 'ol hot dog/soda drink for a buck fifty -- that's the life! Hannah was the only kid that came with us -- she was a real trooper considering she had been having some chest pains (pleurisy - they thought). It was a good thing she had to stop and rest -- if she didn't, I would have died for sure. My bum was pretty sore the next day from the riding. I guess I need to get in shape! ha ha
We love the Blue Angels and the thunderous roar that fills your body as the pass over you -- such a rush! They always leave me in awe as their precision flying is utterly amazing! What a great day it was!

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