Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A BEAUTIFUL Day with a Beautiful ending.......

As always, this day started at 5am -- "O-dark thirty" as I like to say. Got the girls up for seminary (starts at 5:50am) and began the preparation for Leah's Cross Country team Pasta dinner to start at 6pm. Got the Meat sauce in the crock pot, cooked the pasta, got everything laid out because.....................

I DID the Puyallup today! For our friends outside of Washington - this is the Puyallup Fair. It's pronounced "pew-AL-up". It was an amazing 85* day here! My best neighbor buddy Dawn and I make the 1 hour trek (okay it's really longer than an hour but she made it much faster than that) to the fair today. Dawn is my kindred spirit when it comes to food. She does the fair every year and had the food schedule all mapped out.

  • We started with the famous Scones -- she had to have her coffee and scones and she even brought me an herbal tea bag so I wouldn't feel left out....... aaawww, what a sweetie.
  • 2 hours later, we hit Pete's BBQ for ribs, corn on the cob and a soda. We shared the meal because there was MORE fair food to consume of course.
  • our early mid afternoon snack was those beer batter onion rings..........good and greasy. YUM.
  • Upon our leaving, we had to grab an ice cream bar, dipped in chocolate and nuts. We didn't share those :).

Oh, the fair? It was fun to people watch of course. This year we were so intent on finding the next morsel of food that we didn't focus too much on the bizarreness of people who come to the fair (ourselves not include). Although we do wonder how many people REALLY buy a hot tub at the fair -- SO many hot tub booths! We did see a pregnant lady smoking, a cowgirl in cut off jeans and a group of what looked to be possibly a Christian group of homeschoolers. Dawn figured that because the beef cattle weren't being show today, that was why there weren't as many people. I have never come to the fair to see the cattle:).

We enjoyed all the quilts and needlework, all the funny booths of "cheap bling", the Dahlia Hall, the bunnies and piglets, some of those crazy vendors booths with everything from tools to make up and ...........did I mention we had some food? ha ha hah

This is what I felt like today while eating! This will be me tonight. These little piglets were just days old and so darn cute. The momma pig? Another story. Old and tired looking, very "saggy" and well, just plum tuckered out!

Here are some picture of the Dahlia Hall -- Wow!

So, we left the Fair so I had enough time to come home and feed those little Cross County Runners their high carb loading meal of pasta before their Meet tomorrow. Low, and behold! While they were eating outside, a hot air balloon flew over and VERY low -- having them fly over is an almost nightly event here but not this low! We actually were talking to them and they wanted to join us for dinner! ha ha. What a great day!


  1. See? Living here is way better than Idaho. The only things that flew low next to your house in Rexburg were crop dusters!

  2. Oh you made me want to drive up to the fair so bad. too bad we are passing though on a sunday, a foot long corn dog sounds heavenly. I am glad you have Dawn so close! And those Dahlia's are beautiful, one of my favorite flowers.

  3. ok mother, time to do a new post. what about your trip to florida? or your all time favorite baldy again.. lol love you!