Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mi Tierra doesn't really look anything like this -- they did a great job on their website. This use to be called Las Margaritas and when the kids were little - we ate here a lot. Maybe this is why the kids don't like Mexican Food anymore? he he he he. We have many fond family memories of Las Margaritas -- from Lauren breaking out in tears when they sang to her on her 3rd birthday, to Leah and all her little gym buddies eating together, Tanner and his "cheeseburger" (think SNL) and Hannah - - well, we won't go there - she knows the story!
Lauren's 3rd birthday - poor girl! Hannah also cried on one of her birthdays when we celebrated at Cucina Cucina where the waiters sang in Italian! Oh, we are mean.
So upon my return to Woodinville I have to of course, catch up on the excellent grub at this place - even though it's Mi Tierra now, it's the same menu, same wait staff, same incredibly yummy pico de gallo! Thank goodness my buddy Dawn who is also my neighbor likes to meet up with me there frequently!
So, with all that in place I of course had to initiate my little grandboy Ry-guy to this place of Hughes Tradition. He had a marvelous time napping in his stroller ( we ate outside of course) and Lauren and I had a great time -- she still likes Mexican food, thank goodness. I"m just sad I didn't grab someone to take our group photo!

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  1. Oh I LOVE these posts, the one about my baby is my favorite of course. I miss you so much!!