Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where is the sun?

As you may have noticed (not sure if anyone even reads this blog) -- it's been while since I have posted.  I have been much to busy on facebook.  I just cant' shake it. 

I have SERIOUSLY been missing the sun around here!   I thought it was gone forever until I went onto my iggogle page and saw my various cities I want to see the weather in!  Looks like I am living in the WRONG place.  Yes, Provo and Rexburg are a bit colder but there is SUN!  Big round shiny sunshine. 

I guess I'd just rather have the humidity in the form of snow than rain!
The funny thing is, last week Woodinville looked just like it does this week.....they could leave those dark rainy pictures on for WEEKS!

But, on those occassional winter days when the sun pops out -- I could just sit by the window all day long!

The sunshine is just such a big deal for me - emotionally.  I bought some "happy lites" at costco to see if the exposure would lift my spirits a bit and make me a bit more motivated.  The only problem is, is that they sit at my desk  - no where else to put them - and I detest sitting at my desk.  I'm a couch/laptop girl!  I need one of these special lights that just hangs over the couch:).

I really need to retire to a sunny place - that is for sure.  Or, just travel a lot in the winter - maybe that is the solution.  Because WHEN it's sunny and warm here (August 20-Sept 20) there is not another more beautiful place to be.


  1. Hey Penny! Wherever YOU are, that's where the SUNSHINE is! :) Miss you, girl!

  2. Hi Penny. You probably don't remember me, one of your Leaders from your youth in Pleasant Hill (Where it seemed to be sunny more than not).
    I noticed your GREAT picture and your blogs on Clarissa Perona's facebook picture. Wow, you look amazing, and you have a great blog here. Just wanted to say hi and nice to see you again,
    Jill Sauter

  3. JILL! wow- can't believe it. Yes, you were my advisor as a.....Laurel? Oh that was long ago. I'm excited to reconnect -- I already just found you on FB!