Monday, May 3, 2010

Returning to Life

     My daughter Lauren is here and has reminded me that I have not blogged since November 14th -- sad but true.  I find it ironic that my last post was about the sun, or lack thereof.  I'm thinking that maybe I'm just like a bear and I go into hybernation in the winter.
     As most of you know I need sunshine. It's not like, "oh, I love the sunshine".  It's more like I CRAVE the rays of the sun.  The warmth of the sun literally transforms me and takes me to a place of peace, I just need sunshine.
     I tried taking vitamin D this winter and I will continue as I think it has helped me.  I just don't want to be on medication.  While in the midst of it all this winter, I thought I was doing okay.  Now that I am resurfacing I realize that I really had a hard time.  Of course, being sick nearly the whole month of March didn't help.
      I have kept thinking, "oh yeah, I need to update my blog" but then, it just seemed like so much effort.  And I'll admit, FACEBOOK is so much easier.  But the two are so different!
Here's one of my favorite pictures of our little man Ryan.   He is almost 1 year old and his mom Lauren will be 23 this year.  Time seems to have just flown by now that I look back.  It seems like it was not too long ago that she was the one grabbing at my legs, wiping drool on my pant leg and snuggling up with a blanket.   My, my, my.    Here's my little sweet pea when she was the same age as her little guy.
Isn't she cute?
And here's our little man.  We love him.


  1. Cute grandson Penny, what a doll! Keep them coming :)

  2. aww that little girl is so cute ;) and of course so is the little boy!